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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Babies and Sorbet Colors for Triplets -- Chapter 1

How to make Prairie Points!

How elated are you that Spring is finally here?  My spirits are much brighter since daffodils emerged in my garden and I can finally work with windows wide open!  

My latest and most delightful project is filled with bright and cheerful Spring colors!  While it's been a challenge at times, it's simply the most irresistible baby quilt I've made so far!  Are you ready for this?   It's a custom order for 3 adorable little triplets!!!  Each of their name begins with an "M"!   M&M&M!!!

So how do we come up with this very tall order?   First, we delight with some Michael Miller Sorbet Color Fabric.  So yummy!!!  It includes colors for both girls and boys!   We have 2 sweet little girls and one sweet little boy!  Pink, Blue and Lavender!

Then we match up perfectly with solids, thanks to Northcott Fabrics!

Then I stress forever, dreading that first cut into virgin fabric, lol.  I have terrible "fear of failure!"

Thank goodness my customer was very kind to share this picture for inspiration.  It's all I needed to get those creative juices flowing!

So once I overcome paralysis, I get most of my design idea help using a Quilt Design Software.   Although a bit basic and limited, it helps me come up with different design choices, final quilt size, fabric requirements and color arrangements.   Everything works with angular shapes so it's a bit tough when you're thinking ... M&Ms ... oooops ... I mean candy circle shapes!

Doesn't this bring the biggest smile to your face?

Since we were talking M&M Spring colors and shapes, I was inspired by some adorable applique embroidery designs from Munchkyms Design!  Owner Kymberly and fellow Etsian was amazing in her effort to custom design larger egg shapes for this purpose.  Then we tried to split the eggs in half (so the little cherubs could fit into bottom "pockets" for a photo shoot) and, well, math calculations just did not fit into the equation!  Back to the drawing board!  The shapes had to be put together the old fashioned way ... stitch by stitch, with my old Pfaff machines!

And so the fun begins!  Fabric preparation and cutting can be time-consuming and tedious, (especially when karma decides you deserve a tennis elbow attack).  Everything gets pre-washed and ironed to assure color fastness and minimize shrinkage.  Fresh cutting blades and good rulers make this process so much easier!  Miraculously, no rotary cutter mishaps occurred this time ... like slashing or double sewing hidden folds ... ooops!  I must confess, when all goes well, playing with fabric and shapes (like making Prairie Points), is the best therapy ever!!!

Please come back for Chapter 2 in a few days and check out Craftsy's tutorial on Prairie Points in the meantime!

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