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Monday, October 23, 2017

The Wedding Gifts

Your expectation of this story, most likely, is the usual, traditional wedding gift story:
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Well of course it is ... and so much more!
My great-nephew Logan Johnson and his gorgeous wife, Alauna Johnson
Photo by Autumn Murphy Photography

Right off the bat, you see why this isn't an ordinary wedding story!  
This couple isn't just a pair of beautiful young souls.  They are smart, kind, funny and full of optimism.  
They have Faith in each other, Hope in their future, and, above all, they Love each other
Photo by Autumn Murphy Photography
There was NO shortage of tears at this beautiful ceremony!
Imagine then, how thrilled I was when my niece (daughter to my only brother and Mother of the Groom) asked me to make a few heirloom wedding handkerchiefs for the big event.  
She requested fine fabric, lace and monogramming in Blue.
Her choice of this vintage letter "A" for the bride, along with the floral bouquet was perfect for the occasion, and we very much appreciate Anne's help (From The Needle of Anne) with sizing the letter perfectly for the bride's handkerchief.
Details on making these handkerchiefs at "Perfectly Mitered Lace Handkerchief"
Vintage embroidery design from
Of course, there was a handkerchief for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom, but, what a wonderful idea, Mother of the Groom requested the same handkerchief for her 2-year-old grand-daughter, which she will give to her on her future wedding day!
Stay tuned for an update on that story soon.
My only regret was that I did not make a hankie for myself.
Darn, those uncontrollable tears, from someone who does not cry easy!  
The last time I saw Logan, he was somewhere around 4 or 5 years old.  
I just couldn't believe this inquisitive little boy is all grown up!  
I remembered my brother (Logan's grand-father) telling me Logan would grow up to do great things. I know his parents, grand-parents and great-grand-parents
were beaming with pride on this special day.
How could anyone not shed joyful tears about that?

The day was filled with memorable moments. 
It was wonderful to be there with my own loves, my husband, daughter and grand-daughter, Gabby, who loved getting to know her little cousin.

Gabby also worked intensely with Papa's help on writing her own loving wishes to the happy couple!
Details on making this plaque at "Mr. & Mrs. Plaque"
I'm grateful I was able to share this happy occasion, as great-aunt to the groom and hopefully as a stand-in for my brother, Logan's grand-father, as well as his great-grand-father from my side of the family.

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