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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Miracle of Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love .... 
You simply can't buy it in a store or find it in a catalog  
It can't be ordered, manufactured, forced or controlled  
It just happens ... 
to those fortunate enough or blessed enough to receive it 
and only when all the stars line up just right to make such miracle possible!  

A wall quilt inspired by Sofia's love for Dottie
Not too long ago, I was very fortunate to meet an amazing mom to a very special little girl, Sofia.  Her mom speaks often of the miracle Sofia has been since the day she was born.  Of course you can understand immediately why they also love horses!  After all, they live in one of the breath-taking corners of our great nation best known for equine stories that stir human hearts and move an equal amount of human souls.  I believe Sofia will be writing many such equine stories when she grows up, that I'm sure of, for she knows first-hand what it's like to be in good company with the best of equine kindred spirits, special horses that seem to understand their calling of service to humans, often nothing short of a miracle.  Sofia also knows what it's like to be the recipient of love in it's purest form.  No doubt, she has already acquired many of the best ingredients necessary to write amazing stories that will teach us many valuable lessons down the road ... overcoming obstacles, nurturing confidence, healing through hard work, kindness, patience and, most of all, unconditional love!

Sofia's first and most beloved horse recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  In her beautiful tribute to Dottie and Sofia, Sofia's mother, Kelley Custer Whealton, writes: 

            Miss Dottie West, better known as "Dottie" was my daughters first horse. Even though she didn't 
            actually belong to us, she owned a piece of our hearts. My daughter rode her every week at least 
            once from the time she was 3 until she was almost 8. She wasn't talking when she started riding
            and also had behavior and balance problems due to a Chromosome 18 deletion. I always credit 
            Dottie with her excellent speech and confidence she has today. She was the kindest animal I
            ever knew , with a heart of gold..my daughter learned so much from her..She has sparked a 
            love of horses and changed our lives forever...Thank you Dottie..you will live forever in our hearts..
            we love you!

My heart aches for Sofia and those who loved this beautiful creature.  Rest in peace sweet Dottie.  Your unconditional love was heaven-sent and will be sorely missed by many who loved you here on earth.

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